I am not a dermatologist, nor a doctor, nor a nurse, nor a naturopath. So why did I establish this site and why should you take me seriously as an authority on skin disorders?

I have plenty of experience with a variety of skin disorders. My family is genetically vulnerable to acne. My maternal grandmother and all her siblings, my mom and all her siblings, my cousins, and I all were covered in terrible pimples in our teens. Most of us continued to battle some severe breakouts during our adulthoods; my grandmother all the way into her 80s.

Together with acne, my family also seems to have the genes that bring about skin tags, those horrible lumps of skin that grow randomly on your neck, face, chest, and armpits.

As if that is not enough, we also have the herpes simplex 1 virus, which we inevitably pass onto our children when sharing food, drinks, crockery, or cutlery. This virus causes cold sores and angular chelitis, those watery blisters and sores that appear inside your mouth or nose, or around your lips and mouth.

My 14-year-old twin son and daughter are lucky, though, partly because medical science has developed far enough to find effective solutions, and partly because my scientific background and my guilt for passing on my defective genes compelled me to search the scientific literature until I found them. While we cannot free ourselves of the genes or the herpes virus, we have definitely freed ourselves of the skin disorders that are caused by them.

Beyond my personal experience, there were many other reasons why I felt motivated to create a website about skin problems.


  1. Skin disorders are incredibly common. Approximately 85 percent of teenagers battle with acne, 90 percent of people get cold sores, between 55 and 70 percent of Americans have the oral herpes simplex virus, and more than half of all people have skin tags and warts. There is no other group of health problems that such large numbers of people have in common. I thought a website dedicated to them would be informative and give all of us a place to get together and learn.
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  3. Untreated skin disorders can cause major emotional difficulties. One of the first things people notice about us is our skins. In most people’s minds, they are associated with health, cleanliness, and beauty. Consequently, many people with skin problems, especially teenagers with acne, struggle with depression, fear of rejection, and social anxiety. Since there are now effective treatments available for most of these conditions, I hope that the information on this website will help you avoid these unnecessary psychological problems.
  4. Marketers of medical products are especially unscrupulous. I have a post-graduate degree in science and still lecture part-time at a university. I’m not saying this to brag, honestly, it really is just another nine-to-five job (or in my case ten-to-twelve job) that probably contributes less to the well-being of society than most careers. It has, however, given me the ability to make sense of scientific literature and has given me access to the latest medical journals. As a result, I hope that I am able to help you avoid the scams and snake oils that marketers try to trick desperate people like you to buy. This website is scientifically oriented and I link to the research I cite.
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