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Skin CareIs it OK to use scented products on my dry, sensitive skin?

Is it OK to use scented products on my dry, sensitive skin?

Everyone has dry, sensitive skin at some point in their life. It can be tough to manage when it’s not just your face that is suffering from the condition! But before you pull out the scented candle or roll-on deodorant stick, make sure you know what affects such products may have on your complexion!.

The “natural fragrance safe for skin” is a question that has been asked before. There are many different opinions on the answer to this question, but it seems like most people agree that natural scents are safe for dry, sensitive skin. Read more in detail here: is natural fragrance safe for skin.

Is it OK to use scented products on my dry, sensitive skin?

The two new scented products, like the rest of the line, have been scientifically and dermatologically shown to provide excellent cleaning and care while also being well accepted by dry, sensitive skin.

Adults, especially those with mature skin and/or diabetes, as well as children aged three and above, may use them. The Eucerin AtopiControl series is recommended if you or your kid suffers from Atopic Dermatitis (also known as Atopic Eczema).



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Skin sensitive to fragrance is a term that describes the skin’s sensitivity to certain scents. The sensitivity can be tested by applying a small amount of perfume on the skin and waiting 10 minutes before testing for any reaction. If there is no reaction, then it is safe to use the product. Reference: skin sensitive to fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people with sensitive skin use fragrance?

A: Yes, you can use fragrance on your skin.

Is fragrance bad for dry skin?

A: While fragrance is not bad for dry skin, it does have an effect on the way your skin looks and feels. Fragrance will cause a buildup over time on top of your natural oils that can make the surface look duller or greasy.

Is scented lotion bad for sensitive skin?

A: You should not use anything with a strong fragrance on your skin. Make sure to only use lotion that is unscented, or has been specifically made for sensitive skin.

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