What Is a Hickey?

What is a hickey?A�Hickeys are those approximately round red, purple, or brown spots that you often see on people’s necks and throats Purchase . They appear when a lover kisses or sucks your skin so hard that it breaks the tiny blood vessels below your skin. When the blood leaches out of the torn blood vessels and accumulates in your skin tissue, it becomes visible as a hickey.

What Is a Hickey: Why Do People Give and Receive Them?

what is a hickey

Hickeys are usually the result of passion.

Many people give Hickey’s quite accidentally during the course of passionate sex play. You are likely to be the victim of this type if your blood vessels are fragile or if your skin is quite thin. It is not easy to produce a hickey on the strong, thick skin and strong blood vessels. Then it takes at least 30 seconds of deliberate hard sucking on the skin to pop the vessels.

Those people who deliberately give and receive Hickey’s see them as a mark of trust, love, and belonging. Yes, they are less conventional than rings, but think of all the money you will save!

Alternatively, many people do it because they want to experiment and see if they can do it. For them it is a challenge.

Old-fashioned, emotionally disturbed, paternalistic types may force it on their partners as a way to claim ownership.

Whatever the reasons behind giving and receiving them, there are few people who would deny that they are at least sometimes awkward in formal social company or at the office. This in itself is a bit strange, as everyone knows that everyone else is having sex anyway, but some social norms are so strong that we are compelled to follow them even if they make no sense.

The Best Hickey Removal Remedies

A hickey is not something you can remove. You must wait for your body to repair it. But you can speed up the process by following these tips:

  1. You can limit the amount of blood that leaks from the torn blood vessels by placing an ice pack on it. Blood is thicker and blood vessels are narrower when it is cold, which makes this unsophisticated remedies one of the best there is.
  2. Massage the area with a smooth object. Many people recommend that you keep a collection of spoons in the fridge. Press hard on the spot with a frozen spoon, and rub it in circles over and around the hickey. This prevents the leaking blood from accumulating in one spot. The more it spreads out, the lighter and less noticeable the hickey will be.
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  4. Once the first two days have passed, continue massaging it regularly, but abandon the cold treatment.
  5. I believe strongly in Cheap Revitol Eye Cream. It encourages your skin to build new skin cells, Purchase and it is an confido in te giorgio gatto costantino anti-inflammatory and sildalis sale As such, it can help your skin repair itself when you already have a hickey, and it can promote skin and blood vessel strength that will make it less likely that you will get hickeys in the future.

Ineffective and Counter-Productive Hickey Removal Remedies

Revitol Eye Cream

buy prilosec wholesale Revitol Eye Cream is a great solution for hickeys.

A lot of strange hickey removal advice floats around the internet. Now that you understand what hickeys are, you will see why none of the following suggestions can work.


  1. Some people use Neosporin, but this is an antibiotic cream that only works for open wounds, cuts, and scrapes that might get infected. Bacteria cannot congregate if your skin is closed, as is the case with a hickey, so there is nothing for this ointment to do.
  2. Preparation H is occasionally recommended for hickeys. It probably can’t do any harm, but it is actually a treatment for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids involves the inflammation of blood vessels. In the case of Hickey’s, the blood vessels are not inflamed. The blood vessels are torn, and there might be a tiny bit of inflammation in your skin tissue. Even worse, many formulations of this ointment contain hydrocortisone, which has a skin thinning effect, the last thing you want if you are prone to Hickey’s. If you can find a formulation with phenylephrine, a substance that narrows blood vessels, it might help to limit the blood flow from the broken blood vessels during the first 48 hours after you receive the hickey.
  3. Another treatment of choice for some is DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide. I don’t like it, because it is an industrial chemical that is a by-product of paper making, and I prefer to keep potentially toxic industrial chemicals away from my body. Furthermore, it is only an anti-inflammatory, and hickeys involve relatively little inflammation, if any.
  4. Many websites recommend that dvakotla.com.ua you use the ridged side of a coin to scrape away the hickey. Since hickey is below your skin, rather than on its surface, you cannot scrape it away. In fact, the coin will redden your skin and you will simply create a mark that does not look like a hickey. Whichever way, there will be a mark on your body. If you want to massage it, a smooth object is far better because it does not create a further injury.
  5. Many people use a soft toothbrush to brush the skin’s surface, and claim that it helps blood vessels to heal. Given how hard one has to work to give a hickey, and how hard one has to press with the frozen spoons to spread the blood, it is not clear why people think that gentle brushing can change the physical properties of the blood vessels that are situated below the skin.

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