How to Handle Warts on Hands and Fingers

While warts on hands and fingers are not medically dangerous or painful, they are embarrassing and cause serious psychological distress. After all, when you touch people, you almost always use your hands, and you know that other people will be revolted if you touch them with your wart covered hand.

People are worried about being infected by you, so they avoid things you’ve touched. If your kids have warts, people may try to keep their kids away from yours, which upsets the kids and embarrasses you.

All around, it is an awkward affliction that only those who have experienced it can understand

Warts on Your Hands and Fingers: Causes

warts on hands and fingers

If you have a wart on your hand, chances are no one will want to hold it.

Warts are caused by many modafinil side effects imdur 60 mg cost of the almost 200 strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV.) HPV can enter your body through a crack in your skin or by exchanging bodily fluids with a virus carrier, such as during sex. Everyone that is infected with HPV does not develop warts. The virus can lay dormant in your body without having any effect. Your immune system typically kills it after around three years.

Several types of warts are common on your hands and fingers:


  • Common warts, also called verruca vulgaris, are the raised, rough surfaced ones that are the most widespread. HPV strains 2, 7, and 22 are responsible for most of them.
  • Periungual and subungual warts are groups of warts, normally in the shape of a cauliflower, that appear under or around your nails or on your cuticles.
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  • Flat warts are flat surfaced, normally flesh-colored warts.

All these warts are treated in approximately the same way.

How to Prevent Warts on Hands and Fingers


  • Refrain from biting your nails and picking at your cuticles. HPV flourishes in your epidermis, the outer layer of your skin. These viruses look for cracks that are already there so they can make themselves at home.
  • For the same reason, you are not a wimp if you treat yourself with a disinfectant every time you, for example, cut your finger while working in the kitchen. It’s just hygienic to clean open wounds or scratches to prevent viruses and bacteria from settling there.

  • Moisturize your hands several times a day with a lotion that contains oils and skin healthy ingredients like glycerin, sunflower oil, citrus oils, shea butter, retinol, and so forth. This will prevent your skin from drying and cracking.
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  • Never cut your cuticles, as these form tiny open wounds. Rather just push them back gently without breaking them.
  • Strengthen your buy viagra immune system by eating a well-balanced diet that contains plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and lean animal proteins. An immune system that is fed only fats and refined carbohydrates cannot fight off viruses.
  • Viruses like moist, warm conditions, which makes swimming pools, gyms, changing rooms, saunas, spas, and other similar places especially risky. Where possible, put your own towel under your hands on shared exercise equipment, wear flip-flops in public showers, and try to touch nothing while you are there.

How to Get Rid of Warts on Hands and Fingers

A treatment is ideal if it destroys the wart tissue and kills the virus. Sadly, all remedies do either one or the other. You can combine more than one remedy to achieve both effects.

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    Wartol is the author’s top remedy for warts.

    Wartrol is a salicylic acid-based liquid that is purchasable online. It destroys the carrot and proteins that constitute the wart. First wash your hands with warm water to clean them. Then scrape gently across the wart with a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells. Then apply the Wartrol with the included brush, or with a small cotton-tipped ear cleaner if the water is very small. Hold your hand still for about a minute so it can dry. If you do this once a day and remain patient, it will remove the wart. As we have been using this for years in my own family, I can vouch for it. Research also shows that over the counter salicylic acid can remove almost 80% of warts, which is the same percentage that some physician administered methods achieve.

  2. Many websites recommend that you put duct tape over the wart. Research shows that duct tape is no more successful than absolutely no treatment at all. Still, some doctors recommend that you try it at home in combination with other treatments. Medical specialist at the The Hand Center of Western Massachusetts, for instance, have seen many cases phentermine 37.5 mg for sale where it worked. They speculate that the increased temperature under the tape may hamper the virus’s ability to replicate fast enough to sustain the wart. You can cover your wart with tape, so long as you leave it uncovered for the first half an hour after applying the Wartrol.
  3. In a recent International Journal of Dermatology article, researchers reported having cured almost all their volunteers’ warts with the twice-daily application of a fat-based garlic extract. The water-based garlic extract also worked, but not nearly as well. They used the results of previous studies to argue that the effect was probably due to the anti-viral and antitumor properties of garlic. After all, warts are just benign tumors. Apply this twice a day and the Wartrol once a day for a comprehensive treatment. First try to liquidize onion and olive or coconut oil in a food processor before buying an extract.
  4. It might be a long shot, but you can also try a mushroom extract. In a preliminary preclinical pilot study, which is a small scientific study aimed at discovering whether a hypothesis is worth testing further, researchers found that active hexose correlated compound (AHCC), an extract from shiitake mushrooms, can kill HPV. They presented their research at a Society of Gynecological Oncologya��s meeting in Tampa, Florida, in 2015.

When to See a Doctor

If xalatan drops cost your warts spread rapidly, if they bleed, if they are wet, if they become painful, or if they change color, it is a good idea to visit a doctor. This means that they may have been injured, may be too aggressive to control with over-the-counter remedies, or may have become cancerous, especially if your immune system is weak.

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