Warts on Feet and Toes: Give Them the Boot

Like all other warts, warts on feet and toes are benign skin tumors caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV.) This is a virus that can be transferred to your feet when they come into contact with another wart or with object that someone with a wart has touched. For example, if you have a wart on your hand and you touch a part of your foot where the skin is cracked, you can easily transfer it there.

While warts are not usually painful, those on the feet can become so because of the pressure you put on them while walking. Accordingly, warts on your feet and toes are irritating and worth removing, especially if you participate in sports or if you walk or stand a lot.

When warts appear on your toes or on top of your feet, they look similar to those on your hands: raised bumps with relatively clearly defined borders with rough surfaces. But if they grow on the bottom of your feet, they are dented, rather than raised, because you walk on them. These are normally called plantar warts. They are a bit darker than your skin and you can often see black dots in the middle. These are the blood vessels inside the wart. When plantar warts grow in a cluster, they are called mosaic warts.

warts on feet and toesWarts on Feet and Toes: Prevention


  • Scrape the calluses and dead cells buy viagra off your feet regularly with a pumice stone. HPV attaches to dead or damaged cells, not to healthy, properly functioning ones. If you do not remove dead cells from your feet regularly, HPV will find its ideal breeding space there. Before using the pumice stone, bathe your feet in hot water. You can also use a foot scrub to get rid of the dead cells.
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  • Moisturize your feet at least twice a day with a thick foot balm that contains shea butter, cocoa butter or glycerin. This will prevent your skin from cracking. Moisturize your cuticles and nails along with your feet. HPV almost always gets a foothold in your skin through tiny cracks.
  • Keep your feet as dry as possible, as phentermine 37.5 mg for sale viruses love moist areas. Dry your feet before you put on your socks and shoes. You can buy normal powder or medicated powder to absorb the perspiration from your skin. Cotton socks also absorb moisture.
  • For the same reason, wear flip-flops when you shower in communal showers and keep them on until you dive into a public pool. Do not walk barefoot in public gyms and locker rooms. One study demonstrated that approximately 27 percent of children who used communal showers developed plantar warts.
  • Wear flip-flops in the showers at school, examined their feet regularly to protect yourself and the rest of your family.
  • Pushback your cuticles instead of cutting them. Cutting your cuticles essentially produces open wounds.
  • Don’t cut your nails too short. It is safer to cut them straight across, rather than with curves at the edges. You can always use a nail file to produce the curves later.
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  • Do not share socks or shoes with anyone else.
  • If you currently have a wart on your foot, wash your socks in boiling water or in Savlon to ensure that the virus does not stick to your socks and transfer itself to your legs when you put on or remove your socks.
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How to Treat Foot and Toe Warts

Doctors recommend modafinil side effects that people with diabetes, circulatory, and neurological problems do not treat their own foot warts, because they may not feel the pain acutely enough when their chosen home remedy causes serious damage. As a result, they can make the problem substantially worse without realizing it.

For the rest of us, there are some good home remedies to try.

Wartrol is a liquid that is 17 percent salicylic acid to destroy the wart tissue, and 83 percent essential oils and alcohols to attack the virus and protect your skin.

When reviewing the scientific literature, researchers at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine discovered that most available studies had found that home-applied salicylic acid and physician applied cryotherapy (freezing treatment) were equally effective.


Wartol is the author’s top remedy for warts.

Salicylic acid does not kill the virus directly, but it causes the keratin proteins that make up the wart to disintegrate. The virus dies eventually when the wart in which it lives and replicates falls apart.

To hasten the demise of the virus while destroying the wart with salicylic acid, you can apply an anti-viral substance.

As if feet are not odorous enough, one study has determined that oil-based garlic extracts can destroy warts Cheap http://mundoduchas.es/order-midamor-medication/ by disrupting the virus’s ability to replicate.

If this sounds too disgusting, another research team has found that fresh ginger can reduce the plaque of the human respiratory syncytial virus in the respiratory mucosal cell lines. Whether it has the same effect on HPV on the skin is not known, but at least its anti-viral effects against viruses in the human body have been scientifically confirmed.

By the way, Apple cider vinegar will not work. In a large review of the literature, academics found no studies that showed that the substance could destroy viruses that live in us or our homes. They found two studies that showed that almost pure ascetic acid could destroy warts after the administration of a local anesthetic. Even though it contains acetic acid, apple cider vinegar is a highly diluted form of it, and we don’t have access to a local anesthetic at home either.

There are studies that have proved that tea tree and eucalyptus oils can destroy viruses,

and some dermatologists have reported having success with it against HPV and warts.

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