Skin Tags on the Eyelid

Cheap Skin tags are difficult to remove, regardless of where they appear. But skin tags on theA�eyelid can make for the hardest job of all. The location places them almost beyond home treatments.

A skin tag is a growth anywhere between the size of a rice kernel and a small grape. Their defining characteristic is the thin fleshy stem of skin that links them to your body. While always benign Buy Buy Cheap , they can, nevertheless, be problematic when they spoil your vision or your looks, or get in the way of your clothes or jewelry.

Skin Tag on the Eyelid: How to Remove

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  1. skin tags on the eyelid

    A skin tag on the eyelid is in a sensitive spot.

    The simplest, and by miles safest, option is to visit your nearest plastic surgeon, ophthalmologist, or dermatologist. They are all trained to remove skin tags from your eyelids without risking your eyes or your vision.

  2. These specialists can use one of several methods, including cutting it off at the base with a small pair of scissors, frying it with an electric current, or freezing it with liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide. They will pick the right method depending on the size and exact location of the tag.
  3. One popular home treatment is a band or elastic that you tie at the base of the tag as close to your skin as possible. This cuts off its supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients. Without these, it dies and falls off. This might be possible to do on your upper lid, but your bottom lid might be too small an area to work on and it may irritate your eye so long as it is there. It works better with large than with small tags.
  4. Home freezing treatments and runny oils (like tea tree oil online ) will almost inevitably go wrong. It is just too difficult to control where they spray or run. If you get any of it in your eye, you risk losing your vision. This is not a price worth paying to get rid of a skin tag.
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  6. Harsh substances that are designed to dry or burn off the skin tag are not advisable either. This list includes tea tree oil, lemon oil, oregano oil, chemical skin peels, and anything with the word acid in its name. Your eyelids are very thin and soft and can easily be damaged.
  7. The safest cream for home use is probably Revitol’s Skin Tag Removal Cream which is based on a plant oil called thuja occidentalis. It does contain some tea tree oil, however and, while it is not designed to burn off the tag, it does kill the skin cells in the tag. For this reason, I do not use it on my eyelid skin tags because the risk of damage still seems too large. The decision is yours. Order

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