How to Prevent Skin Tags

Skin tags are round, flesh-colored or brown pieces of flesh that grow out of your skin, typically on small stems. They vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters in size. Since they do not go away automatically, and since they are quite hard to remove, it is advisable to learn how to prevent […] Full article →

Skin Tags on the Face

As if wrinkles, acne, and freckles are not bad enough, many people also get skin tags on the face. What makes this all the more difficult is that skin tags are stubborn growths to remove and that many of the available treatments leave behind facial scars. Skin tags are soft, fleshy growths, normally brown or […] Full article →

Skin Tags on the Eyelid

Skin tags are difficult to remove, regardless of where they appear. But skin tags on the eyelid can make for the hardest job of all. The location places them almost beyond home treatments. A skin tag is a growth anywhere between the size of a rice kernel and a small grape. Their defining characteristic is the […] Full article →

Painful Skin Tags: What to Do

Skin tags are almost never painful. They are harmless, smooth-surfaced, round, flesh-colored or brown growths that tend to appear especially on the skin of people who are middle-aged and older, overweight or obese, diabetic or moderately insulin-resistant, or pregnant. They typically result from friction. They are not caused by bacteria or viruses, and they are […] Full article →

Cancerous Skin Tags: Can It Happen?

By definition, a skin tag is a benign growth. It grows from your skin on a fleshy stem. The top is round or oval, smooth, and either brown or flesh-colored. If you put your finger on it and rub from left to right, it usually yields and is springy because of the stem that attaches […] Full article →

Freezing Skin Tags to Remove Them

Skin tags are those small bits of flabby skin that hang off your neck, face, armpits, or chest. They are quite unsightly, so most people prefer to get rid of them. Freezing skin tags, known as cryotherapy or cryosurgery, is one of the most popular methods to remove them. Freezing Skin Tags: Available Treatments They are […] Full article →

Anal Skin Tags: Treatment Options

Skin tags are soft growths that are connected to your skin via fleshy stalks. While most people get tags on their necks, on their faces, in their armpits, on their chests, or under their breasts, some unlucky people get them on their genitals or around their anal openings. Anal skin tags are more complicated to […] Full article →

Do Skin Tags Go Away?

Those flabby little blobs of skin that most people get on their necks, on their faces, under their arms, under their breasts, and around their genitals are called skin tags. They are fairly difficult to remove by doctors and home remedies alike. Still, most people do not want to live with them forever. Accordingly, many […] Full article →

Skin Tag Medicine: Know Your Options

Skin tags are flaps of tissue that grow out of your skin on a thin stalk. Most people dislike the way skin tags look and impact self esteem. This has created a huge market for skin tag medicine used for removal. Skin Tag Medicine for Removal The first set of options are those recommended by doctors. They […] Full article →

Bleeding Skin Tag: Treatment

Skin tags are small, raised, roundish pieces of skin that grow out of your normal skin and hang there by a thin fleshy stem. Most of them are flesh-colored or brown. While most people want to remove them for cosmetic reasons, they are not harmful, unless they start to bleed and become inflamed. A bleeding […] Full article →