Large Skin Tags and How to Deal With Them

Skin tags are those wobbly skin growths that hang by thin stalks off your skin. Most people strongly dislike them because of how revista duas rodas online br they look, even though they are not medically dangerous. A large skin tag is no different, but you might want even more to remove it order himcolin gel online how much toradol can be given im Cheap .

Skin tags normally very from approximately the size of a rice kernel to the size of a small grape. If you have one of the grape-sized ones, you are indeed unlucky, but nowhere near as unlucky as one woman, reported in the scientific literature, who had one on her thigh that was six by seven by eight inches big. Yikes! You will be glad to hear that doctors actually managed to remove that one with a small incision and an electrical treatment, leaving only a small scar.

Large Skin Tag: How to Remove

large skin tag

The size of a grape? Yes, some skin tags are that big, or even bigger.

If a skin tag is very big, you have fairly few options to remove it successfully. By the time it gets to the size of a grape, it is beyond home treatments.

  1. Over-the-counter creams must penetrate the whole skin tag consistently over a period of at least four weeks before they can kill its cells. Large skin tags are thicker than your skin itself, which means that creams cannot penetrate it.
  2. Over-the-counter freezing treatments are much weaker than those administered by medical professionals. In fact, since normally-sized skin tags often require more than one freezing treatment by a doctor, the chance is good that no amount of freezing can penetrate the tag. The doctor might recommend a different treatment.
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  4. Snipping it off with a pair of scissors at home is extremely unwise, as the stalks on which large skin tags grow are thick and contain many blood vessels. For this reason, you will cause a blood torrent. A doctor will be willing to snip it off, but this will have to be done with a local anaesthetic for pain control and will require much careful after-care to prevent infection of the wound. In fact, in the case of the massive thigh skin tag I mentioned above, the woman allowed it to grow so large because she was afraid of a surgical procedure.

  6. The best technique to remove a skin tag is to visit a dermatologist, who has a much wider range of removal techniques available than a GP. Any dermatologist is able to guide you through the decision of either a laser treatment to kill the skin tag by coagulating and thereby extinguishing its blood supply, or an electrical treatment that destroys its tissue.

The chance is small that you will be able to remove a large skin tag at home without causing a scar. Replacing a skin tag with scar is not terribly good progress. If you do not like the look of skin tags, it is better to deal with them when they are still small.

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