How to Hide a Hickey

Whether you enjoy receiving hickeys Pills and are proud of being marked as being your special person’s sex partner, or whether you hate hickeys and the clumsy or overenthusiastic lout that gave you one, you must have been in the possession where your hickeys were hugely embarrassing. I remember receiving one when I was 16. I was so innocent that I hardly knew what it was, but everyone at my grandparents’ 50th anniversary lunch knew just too well. Needless to say, my grandparents’ lovely, successful marriage was a sideshow, and I acquired an experience that marked me psychologically for life. It took 10 years before I could laugh about it. I wish I knew then how to hide a hickey.

how to hide a hickey

People will often hide a hickey with clothes.

Hickeys are relatively difficult to remove. They occur when your partner sucks so hard on your skin that the small blood vessels in your skin burst. The blemish that you see is the blood that has leached from the broken blood vessels. The closer the blood is to the surface of your skin, and the more the blood accumulates in one place, the darker the hicky is.

If your blood vessels are not particularly strong, or if your partner sucks exceptionally hard, these vessels can split completely and spill a fairly large quantity of blood. The more extensive the damage and the larger the spill, the larger and darker the hicky is.

The best approach for hiding a hicky is to ensure that it is small and light-colored. To achieve this, you must stop the blood from escaping from your blood vessels and ensure that the blood that does escape does not accumulate in one spot. Try the following:

  1. Freeze the blood vessels and the blood in them by applying a small ice pack to the hickey. The colder you can get the blood, the better the chance that it would not escape into your skin.
  2. Massage the hickey to encourage the blood to disperse across a large area. Many people recommend that you put some spoons in the freezer and massage with them. When your skin warms one, just pop it back in the freezer and take a frozen one. Spoons are good for massaging skin, because they are smooth and unlikely to cause abrasive damage to your skin. Press fairly hard, but if it is painful, you are pressing too hard and may rupture some more blood vessels.
  3. Swap a cold spoon for a warm spoon on the third day after you are given the hickey. You want to continue massaging, but by then you want to promote blood flow to the area to help your body remove the escaped blood and heel the broken blood vessel.

How to Hide a Hickey

If you need to go out and the hickey is still prominent, you will have to resort to concealing it. Try a few of the following:


  1. Since most hickeys are given on Purchase cheap lincocin injection the throat or the neck where the skin is too soft to resist, a collard shirt, a turtleneck, or a scarf could work. Women are especially lucky, because there are many lightweight, fashionable scarves that they can wear even in the summer. If the hickey is in the crook of your elbow, wear long sleeves. This will obviously not work well during the summer.
  2. Conceal it with makeup. If the hickey is still red, use a green concealer. Since green is on the opposite side of red on the color wheel, it will hide the redness. Once you’ve done this, mix a yellow and a skin tone concealer until you get something that resembles your skin color. Put this on top of the green concealer. It is a good idea to dab powder on top of all this to prevent you from sweating it off. Apply the substances to your whole throat or neck so that the exact hickey spot does not stand out. Carry the make up with you all day to touch it up when necessary.
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    Stick a disposable tattoo over the hickey and pretend you really love it for the fashion statement it makes. This will draw attention to you, and your older relatives might still be disgusted with you, but if you pick something stylish and elegant instead of something glittering and garish, many people will like it.

  5. Some companies sell tattoo covers, flesh-colored adhesive covers. These are essentially disposable tattoos, but they are invisible, especially if you cover them with makeup foundation. Unlike concealer, these are waterproof and they don’t smear all over the place.
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  7. After making sure there will be no doctor at the party or meeting for which you are heading who may want to be charitable and take a look, stick a large white plaster on the hickey and tell people that you have burnt or cut yourself. Be careful, because this will draw attention to you, maybe just not the same type of attention as the hickey will.
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  9. Many people recommend that you style your long hair to cover hickeys, but this is quite risky. The first whisper of wind, and you might be in trouble.
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  11. To accelerate the healing of the hickey, you can use a cream that contains ingredients that strengthen your blood vessels and skin. Revitol Eye Cream Purchase includes vitamins A, C, and E, chamomile, aloe vera, and many other substances to help your hickey heal quickly.

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