Herpes Cure: How to Get Rid of Herpes in 2016

I used to have the herpes simplex one virus. It used to often cause cold sores, angular cheilitis, and sore throat. Angular cheilitis are dry, peeling sores at the corners of your mouth, and cold sores are those painful blister-like sores that occur on your lips and inside your nose and mouth. I was always so embarrassed by them, especially because I never had fewer than three of them at a time, all on top of each other. Fortunately, I learned there is a herpes cure in 2016, an actual answer to how to get rid of herpes.

I never wanted to tell people that I had herpes, especially not when I met my husband whom I was sure I wanted to marry. How do you tell someone you love that he needs to resign himself to being infected with a virus that he can never shed? Luckily for me, he had the same virus already, so the conversation was much easier than I thought. But then we had to have the same conversation about having children, as a mother with herpes can pass it on to fetuses inside her womb. Life with herpes is filled with these difficult decisions and conversations.

Unlike what many experts tell you, herpes is curable. You do not have to live with it for the rest of your life. After I had no outbreaks of sores for almost three years, I asked a doctor to test my blood for herpes. It was gone. I will tell you how I went about controlling the outbreaks and killing the virus. I will also give you the scientific evidence for this treatment. I really hope you can benefit from the information.

What Is the Herpes Simplex Virus?


Herpes simplex is an RNA virus that occurs in two forms.

The Order herpes simplex virus comes in two forms: type 1 (HSV-1) that usually causes sores above the waist, and type 2 (HSV-2) that causes sores on the buttocks and genitals. It is responsible for occasional outbreaks while remaining dormant in your body and waiting to pounce at any moment. It is more common to be infected via skin-to-skin contact with someone who is currently having an outbreak of sores or blisters, but it is also transmitted via contact with body fluids during periods between outbreaks because the virus remains in your blood, saliva, semen, and other body tissue.

This virusA�causes sores on your face, mouth, hands, and genitals. If you are unlucky, itA�can cause a serious eye infection (herpes keratitis) that may blind you permanently. HerpesA�makes it more likely that you will contract HIV if you are exposed to it. The viruses cooperate with the human papilloma virus to cause cervical cancer. They can invade your brain and damage it (herpes encephalitis), and some experts even believe that they make it more likely that you will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease,A�depression, and other psychological problems.

The herpes viruses normally become active in response to emotional or physical stress, illness, damage or pressure on the area where sores appear, or a weakened immune system. Sexual activity, sun exposure, bruises, scratches, and bumps can all trigger outbreaks.

Outbreaks become milder as you get older, as your immune system slowly develops antibodies to attack the virus when it becomes active. This happens so slowly, however, that you may only be free from outbreaks during your senior years. This does not solve the problem altogether, as you are then still infectious to others.

Herpes Cure: How to Get Rid of Herpes in 2016

Herpeset is by far the best product to reduce the number and severity of herpes outbreaks. It is a homeopathic product that you spray under your tongue. From there blood vessels take it straight into your bloodstream.

If you are still suspicious of homeopathic medicine, don’t be. In 1998, German researchers reviewed

Herpeset is a homeopathic remedy that can relieve symptoms but not kill the virus.

Herpeset is a homeopathic remedy that can relieve symptoms but not kill the virus.

almost 100 studies on the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. They wanted to discover whether the effects could be attributed to the remedies or whether they were caused by the placebo effect. They considered only studies with proper scientific controls, namely those with randomly selected participants, those with a placebo or fake treatment given to half of the participants, and those with double-blind controls so that the researchers did not know whether the placebo or real treatment was administered and could therefore not influence the participants’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the treatment. They concluded that, even if they took the possible biases of pro-homeopathy researchers into account, the effects of homeopathic medicine were real and not solely due to the placebo effect.

Herpeset omnicef uses treatment contains ingredients scientifically proved to be effective against skin lesions like those caused by the herpes virus.

http://chuyengiaroiloantiendinh.xyz/cost-of-protonix/ Herpeset will not destroy the herpes virus, but it will reduce the severity and number of outbreaks. I no longer use it, because I have killed my herpes virus for good, but it certainly used to help me to keep the outbreaks under control. Even if you use The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, which I will describe below, you should use this during the period while your body tries to kill the herpes virus.

How to Destroy the Herpes Simplex Virus

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol shares how to get rid of herpes naturally

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, by Melanie Addington.

If you have researched the herpes simplex virus, you will know that most experts believe the virus can never be eradicated. Once it is in your body, it remains there until you die. This is only superficially true. There is certainly no vaccine that can trigger your immune system to produce antibodies to kill herpes simplex specifically. Neither is there a drug you can take the targets the specific virus. However, there is something you can do to strengthen your immune system to attack and kill all the viruses that live inside your body, including the stubborn ones that hang around dormant like herpes simplex.

Melanie Addington is a former British journalist who used to have herpes simplex 2, with sores primarily on her buttocks. Her boyfriend ditched her when she was diagnosed because he was so worried that he would catch it from her. Luckily, her story had a happy ending. Her father, a medical doctor, conducted the required research to develop a procedure to kill the virus. He discovered that previous generations knew how to do this but, as modern medicine became the hostage of the profit-seeking behavior of big pharmaceutical companies, and as this procedure is not patentable for profit, it has fallen by the wayside.

Addington’s father’s practice then became so overwhelmed by herpes sufferers who wanted his advice that she decided she would use her journalistic skills to write a book that describes the procedure. Its title isA�The Ultimate Herpes Protocol.

This protocol attacks the herpes virus from three directions: It strengthens your immune system to kill herpes, it dissolves the protective protein coat around the virus so that your immune system can get to it, and it stops the virus from reproducing. It guides you step-by-step through the process, including lists of immune system-boosting foods and natural supplements you may want to buy. It works for both herpes 1 and herpes 2.

I had no hope when I first bought the book, as I believe strongly that herpes could not be eradicated. I was convinced that I would make use of the 60-day, no questions, money-back guarantee that is offered with the book. I have now not had an outbreak for more than two years, and my blood test for herpes came back negative. I will, however, continue to follow the protocol because it is easy and healthy and helps my immune system to destroy other viruses too that may make me sick.

Other Herpes Treatments

I strongly recommend against the treatments most doctors prescribe for herpes, firstly, because I have no reason to believe that they are superior to the treatment I described above and, secondly, for specific reasons that should become obvious below.

  1. Aciclovir (Zovirax), Valaciclovir (Valtrex), and http://brandoutlet.boutique/lamisil-tab-price/ Famciclovir (Famvir) are anti-viral drugs that are prescribed to manage herpes. If you take them daily, as doctors often encourage those prone to severe outbreaks to do, they can reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks and minimize the likelihood that you will pass it on to others. If you insist on taking this route, you will have to take tablets once or twice a day for the rest of your life; tablets that are expensive, that overwork your liver and kidneys that must break them down, and that do not even prevent all outbreaks. Moreover, like all hard drugs, they have side effects. More than 30 percent of users struggle with fatigue and headaches, around 15 percent with nausea and abdominal pain, and eight percent with depression and painful menstruation.
  2. http://fundblog.hu/price-for-proventil-inhaler/

  3. Analgesics like ibuprofen (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) and paracetamol (acetaminophen) can relieve pain, fever, and inflammation. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are extremely tough on your kidneys, however, and long-term use can cause renal and kidney failure. That is why the info sheet inside the packaging warns you not to take it for more than 10 days without seeing a doctor. Regular paracetamol use has recently been linked with a 68 percent higher risk of heart attack and stroke and a 49 percent higher risk of stomach ulcers and bleeding.
  4. Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Benzocaine, and the like are available as topical anesthetic creams to relieve pain and itching. The fact that you spray it on the surface of your skin does not change the fact that these are hard drugs, however. For example, all three the above-mentioned topical anesthetics can cause a condition called methemoglobinemia in children and the elderly, wherein the amount of oxygen in their bodies is so severely decreased that they might even die. If you feel you need a topical anesthetic, rather buy a capsicum cream, the same ingredient found in Herpeset. Alternatively, crushA�some chili peppers and mix them with honey into a paste, and apply that to your sores. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, is a good natural topical anesthetic, and honey may help with wound healing.
  5. Anti-viral essential oils, like tea tree and eucalyptus, will stop the virus from reproducing if you apply it straight to the sores. They will almost certainly increase the pain, because they dry your skin thoroughly and quickly. I used to use tea tree oil on my lips, and I struggled for almost three weeks to re-moisturize them and to get rid of the scab and the bleeding caused by the dryness. They also do nothing to prevent or moderate the next outbreak.

General Advice for Treating Herpes

  1. For quick, simple pain relief, put a block of ice on the blisters, especially if they are on your lips. People with genital herpes often report feeling better after sitting in a warm, not hot, bath.
  2. Avoid outbreak triggers like direct sunlight without sunscreen, lip biting, and chemicals that dry your skin.
  3. Eat a reasonably healthy vegetable-based diet and exercise regularly to support your
    Vegetables are part of a natural herpes cure

    A diet rich in vegetables helps support the immune system.

    immune system. You can also purchase a green powder supplement if you struggle to eat enough green vegetables. If your immune system is weak, you will have more herpes infections, not only because your immune system can then not stop the herpes virus from becoming active, but also because the activity of other out-of-control viruses increases the chance that herpes simplex will become active too.

  4. Manage your stress levels as best you can, as the herpes virus becomes more active when you are stressed. Try to do a moderate amount of work every day, instead of a huge amount on one day and nothing on the next. Set money aside to pay your bills at the beginning of the month before you start spending the rest. Do something that relaxes you for at least one hour every day, such as walking in nature, exercising, meditating, playing with your kids or pets, and so on. Watching television promotes something closer to brain death than relaxation.
  5. Reduce the risk that you will spread the virus by using your own forks, cups, towels, lip balms, soaps, face creams, face cloths, and pillow cases. Avoid oral sex and kissing when you have an outbreak of sores on your mouth. Wash your hands with hot water and soap after touching your sores. Use condoms for penetrative sex, whether or not you have an active outbreak. Remember that it is almost inevitable that aA�male not using a condom during sex will pass it on to the female, even during periods when the virus is dormant.


Herpes is an extreme nuisance. The outbreaks look terrible and are painful, the virus infects your loved ones, it compromises your sexual relationships, and it is embarrassing. The remedies I found are particularly well researched, as you can see above, so you don’t have to worry about spending your hard-earned money on ineffective products. The two products I recommend work well in combination.

Herpeset can help you to moderate the severity of the outbreaks while you implement The Ultimate Herpes Protocol to kill the virus for good. Your struggle with the herpes simplex virus can soon be over.

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  1. I’ve used herpeset myself with great results for years, so for symptom control I agree it’s effective. But I’m gonna check the herpes protocol you recommend out as well though in case there are some hidden gems I don’t know about already through my own researching over the years. If it doesn’t benefit me I can just return it with the money back guarantee, right?

    • Yeah that’s a good idea, there’s a lot of good info in there so you’re pretty much guaranteed to at least learn something useful even if you’re very knowledgable when it comes to herpes already. And like you say, if it doesn’t help you you can simply get your money back, so nothing to lose really.

  2. Hi, which do you recommend most of Herpeset and the e-book?

    • Hey Alice. It would really depend on the circumstances more than anything. For someone that’s really bothered by their herpes symptoms, I’d go with both of them. If you’re not that bothered by it or don’t feel it’s problematic enough to make lifestyle changes for, then Herpeset can be great for just dealing with the symptoms. Herpeset has a more immediate effect although the Herpes protocol will give you a lot of good info on dealing with it long term from the roots and in some cases even getting rid of it for good.