Exposed Skin Care Review

Exposed Skin Care has produced a collection of acne treatment kits that contain products that have been well chosen and well researched and that work extraordinarily well. I used to have acne as a teenager and monthly breakouts as an adult, but even my menstruation breakouts are now history. My teenage twins inherited my skin problems, but even their skins are now clear and scar-free.A�But I wona��t tell you to buy Exposed Skin Carea��s acne treatment kit just because it worked for me. The science behind its ingredients is exemplary, the companya��s credentials are impeccable, and nothing else of the same standard comes even close to the price.A�Leta��s look at the details in this Exposed Skin Care review.

The Company and Its Consumer Service

Exposed Skin Care review

Exposed Skin Care kit.

The company has been in business since 2002. It is a member of the Better Business Bureau, an organization that tracks consumer complaints and customer service quality. Here, Exposed holds an A+ rating.

If you are unhappy with the product you buy from them, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your money is safe with them. If you dona��t see an improvement in the first month, they give your money back. As such, they stand behind their productsa�� effectiveness. This is not a guarantee most pharmaceutical companies offer.

Exposed Skin Care Review: The Products

The ingredients are remarkably well researched. I was surprised when I came across affordable products that contained almost all the ingredients qualified scientists would have put in there themselves. Consider the following:

  • A facial cleanser that contains no soaps and potentially irritating detergents like lauryl and laureth sulfates, just alpha & beta hydroxy acids (glycolic acid and salicylic acid), two skin peels found to be strong acne remedies. You will also find olive leaf extract, a proven skin healer. Just wash your face with it twice a day, as you now do with your soap, to remove oil and dirt on the surface and from inside the pores of your skin.
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  • A clearing tonic and clear pore serum with salicylic acid, that powerful remover of Pills dead and abnormal skin cells, the aspirin-strength anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects, and the ability to improve acne within two weeks. It also has green tea with its anti-aging and skin-building properties, its ability to keep your acne-causing androgen hormones under control, and its proven track record for improving acne by more than half in two weeks. Its other ingredients include great natural anti-inflammatories like sage and passion flowerA�and licorice to prevent acne scars and fight off inflammation and You apply the clearing tonic during the day and the clear pore serum at night work throughout the night.
  • An acne treatment serum that kills the propionibacterium acnes bacteria at the heart of acne. With strong antibiotics like benzoyl peroxide, tee tree oil,A�and azelaic acid It also has aloe vera to promote healing and to prevent scarring.
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  • A moisture complex that will moisturize your skin without clogging your pores because it does not contain any oil.A�Instead, it seals in your own skina��s natural moisture by forming a layer on your skin to prevent it from escaping. After combining it with the great antioxidant effects of plenty of vitamin E, you have a winner.
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  • A clarifying mask with sulfur and resorcinol to kill the acne bacteria,A�and activated charcoal and bentonite clay to absorb your skina��s excess oil.

  • A scrub with beautifully natural ingredients like chamomile, mango seed butter, and grape seed oil that will remove dead skin cells without causing skin irritation and redness.
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  • A face cloth that is abrasive without being harsh for a good way to wash off dead skin cells without hurting your sensitive skin.
  • A probiotic complex with multivitamins and minerals to clean your digestive tract to enable your body to successfully absorb the skin-healthy nutrients that you eat.

As you can see, the company scores high on the scientific quality of its ingredients.

The Price

Purchase Order


Exposed Skin Care’s kits are cost-effective.

You can pick between a nine-piece, a six-piece, or a five-piece kit or buy the products separately. For a 60-day supply, the nine-piece kit costs $94.95, the six piece kit costs $59.95, and the five piece kit costs $49.95.

This means that you pay approximately $10 per product that lasts for at least two months.

I challenge you to browse through amazona��s offerings and find such a large collection of ingredients for this price. Creams and face washes with Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide tend to cost between $12.00 and $20.00, and moisturizers are even more expensive. And then you still miss out on the green tea, tea tree oil, aloe vera, azelaic acid, sulfur, licorice, and all the other useful ingredients with which the acne treatment kits are packed.

Ease of Use

Here, the producta��s rating is mixed. It gets high marks for eliminating long shopping trips or internet browses to find products with well researched ingredients, because it contains most of them. In addition, you dona��t have to shop around for a separate cleanser, and cream, and mask, and scrub, and moisturizer, and cloth, and probiotic, because it contains them all.

With clearly labeled bottles, the products are easy to apply.

If I have a gripe, it is with the amount of time one spends on skin care, but that is probably a feature of acne, and not a feature of the product. Washing your face twice a day, applying various creams in the morning, twice during the day, and in the evening, and applying a mask and scrub once or twice a week requires dedication and commitment.

But it is reasonable to say that you will not get rid of your acne without dedication and commitment.

If you can supply these psychological qualities, Exposed Skin Care can supply the scientific expertise and production skills. Purchase

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