Essential Oils for Skin Tags

Skin tags are those raised, round, smooth lumps of flesh that grow on the surface of your skin. They are not dangerous, but because most people don’t like the way they look, almost everyone tries to remove them. They do not Purchase go away on their own, so if you want them gone, you will have to treat them.A�Essential plant oils, normally used in aromatherapy, have become popular for a wide variety of ailments primarily because they are natural, they involve no doctor’s visits, they smell good, and they are reasonably cost-effective compared to most medical options. But are essential oils for skin tags the best treatment?

Essential Oils for Skin Tags


essential oils for skin tags

Some people recommend lemon oil.

Because skin tags are benign and can be left untreated safely, medical scientists have not been interested in studying over-the-counter remedies online to discover whether they can remove them. Consequently, consumers are left on their own with only anecdotal evidence to guide them. Considering that skin is so different from person to person, the choice of an essential oil to get rid of your skin tags is necessarily a trial and error procedure.

With that said, if you like essential oils and you want to try them on your skin tags, here are the options with the most anecdotal evidence:


  1. Tea tree oil works really well for some, and not at all for others. There seems to be no middle way. No one understands why it works, but it might be because it dries the skin to which it is applied. Those people for whom it works say that the tags dry and brown inside the first 14 days. If it does not work for you by the end of a month, give up and try something else.
  2. As frankincense oil is not one of the hottest skin-destroying oils on the market, it surprises many that it works, but the testimonies are numerous that undiluted frankincense oil can remove tags if you applied for long enough.
  3. The hottest of all the hot oils, oregano oil Buy can burn off that skin tag. Use it in a one to one ratio with rosehip oil first, and move on to the order viagra online pure oil only if the blend is not too harsh. It also leaves a hot, burning generic antibiotics sensation behind it. If it feels too hot, put peppermint oil on the skin that surrounds the tag to cool it down. Peppermint is quite strong, so mix it with a carrier oil like olive, coconut, sweet Almond, rosehip, or jojoba first, otherwise it might destroy the surrounding skin quite effectively.
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  5. Lemon oil also dries the skin, and many people for whom tea tree oil failed claimed that it worked for them. It works better on my skin tags than tea tree oil does.
  6. Thyme oil is hot and very similar to oregano, so follow the same instructions. how much does fosamax increase bone density

Essential Oils to Skin Tags:A�How to Apply

  • Put rosehip, olive, or coconut oil on the skin that surrounds the skin tag. Alternatively, just wet it with clean water. This is meant as protection for the surrounding skin, so don’t get any of it on the tag itself.
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  • Dip a cotton swab in your essential oil of choice and apply it straight to the tag without touching the surrounding skin. If you use oregano or clove, mix it in our one to one ratio with rosehip oil. Rosehip is a gentle oil that contains a lot of vitamins C, which can repair blemishes and help your skin to heal.
  • Apply the oil a few times a day buy modalert or, if this is too difficult, dip a cotton swab in the oil, place it on your skin tag, and close it with a plaster. If you cannot do this without drying the surrounding skin to a crisp, stop it immediately.
  • Never stop inside the first month, as most oils take around a month to work.

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