Are Custom Essay Writing Services Legal

Are Custom Essay Writing Services Legal

Students from all parts of the world use essay writing companies like essaykitchen due to short of time, or sometimes they want to get their works done by proficient and experienced individuals because they cannot do their projects themselves. Whatsoever the circumstances maybe, we cannot call custom essay writing services illegal. That’s because these companies help students get good grades and pave their ways towards a bright and progressive future. However, the dark side is that some companies cheat on their customers by providing them with low quality, meaningless or plagiarized papers. While writing an academic paper or custom essay, a writer should always take care of quality and should be ready to fulfill the requirements of the customers as well as satisfy him as he is paying him heavily. Unfortunately, most of the companies forget ethics and morals and are only after money. They are totally illegal and should be banned from the internet permanently.

However, the companies or writers who are doing their jobs honestly should not be given tough times by the so-called religious persons who feel that essay writing is an absolute cheating. Credible essay writing services always include terms and conditions on the main or secondary page of their sites, letting the students know that they are not illegal and using their service is user-friendly as they are not in the industry to cheat on someone. All trustworthy paper writing companies or academic firms follow the rules and regulations, take care of work ethics, and don’t cheat on their students because for them, their reputation is far more important than earning money. Thus, calling companies cheater or illegal makes no sense. We just need to choose a custom writing service carefully and should check the websites, compare their policies and prices, and then place our order.

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