How to Cite a Website in an Essay

How to Cite a Website in an Essay

When writing, one may resorts to the work done by other people. It is legitimate that one borrows some ideas from other sources such as books and articles. One of the sources one may use could be a website. While you are crafting your essay, you may want to have a look at pieces of information available on websites. Once you find valuable ideas that you consider useful for your own essay, you could borrow them. Whether you quote, paraphrase, or summarize some content displayed on a website, there is no getting away from citing the very source.

Upon you take some piece of information from a website, you should immediately take note of the website address, website’s name, author of the page, title of the article, publication date, and the date and time of the retrieval of information. By so doing, you are sure that you did not miss important features that are necessary for the citation of the source used. You have to cite the website thoroughly in your essay. The more information you gather about the web page, the more thorough your citation grows. Accoeding to writemyessay, copying the URL of the web page is not enough; you should also look at the top of the page where you will find the title of the article and the date of publication. You may not find the date of publication, sometimes. Most of the important data about the source are found either at the top or bottom of the web page.

Now that you have all the necessary material for the citation, you need to decide on which referencing style to employ in your essay, which depends on its genre and on your teacher’s instructions as well. Citing a website in the reference list of your essay using the APA style could be done as follows: Last name, F. N. (Year, Month, Date of publication). Article title. Retrieved from URL. Using the MLA style, you could cite a website as in the example: Last name, first name. Title of Article. Associated publication/college/etc. , year of publication. Web. Date of access.

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