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Warts on Feet and Toes: Give Them the Boot

Like all other warts, warts on feet and toes are benign skin tumors caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV.) This is a virus that can be transferred to your feet when they come into contact with another wart or with object that someone with a wart has touched. For example, if you have a […]
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How to Handle Warts on Hands and Fingers

While warts on hands and fingers are not medically dangerous or painful, they are embarrassing and cause serious psychological distress. After all, when you touch people, you almost always use your hands, and you know that other people will be revolted if you touch them with your wart covered hand. People are worried about being […]
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Warts on the Face: Treatments

Warts on the face are some of the most embarrassing warts you can get. You cannot hide them under your clothes or cover them with other body parts. They are out there for all to see. While warts are difficult to remove, there are several remedies with very good success rates. The two most common […]
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How to Remove Flat Warts

Flat warts are often difficult for laypeople to diagnose, so learning how to remove flat warts must start with properly identifying them. They usually mistaken it for acne when it is on their faces, for shaving scars when it is on their legs, and for small moles or skin tags when it is on their […]
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How to Get Rid of Warts

Warts are a major nuisance for many families, because they are so unsightly. Even worse, because they unjustifiably carry an association with uncleanliness, there is still a stigma attached to having them. Seven to 10 percent Buy of the general population gets non-genital warts, so it is silly that this stigma continues. Without treatment, around […]
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