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What Is a Hickey?

What is a hickey? Hickeys are those approximately round red, purple, or brown spots that you often see on people’s necks and throats. They appear when a lover kisses or sucks your skin so hard that it breaks the tiny blood vessels below your skin. When the blood leaches out of the torn blood vessels and […]
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Hickey on the Neck: What a Pain

Have you ever woken up after a night of passion to find a hickey, or love bite, on your neck? Some people see this as a sign of love and belonging, but it seems like most people think it is embarrassing to walk around with a hickey on the neck and not worth the momentary […]
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How to Hide a Hickey

Whether you enjoy receiving hickeys and are proud of being marked as being your special person’s sex partner, or whether you hate hickeys and the clumsy or overenthusiastic lout that gave you one, you must have been in the possession where your hickeys were hugely embarrassing. I remember receiving one when I was 16. I […]
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How Long Do Hickeys Last?

Hickeys are so much fun to give and receive at the moment, but the momentary pleasure often gives rise to bruises that last much longer than most people prefer. Many people love to show them when they are at home or with their partners, but want to hide them when they go to work or […]
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How to Give a Hickey

A hickey, or love bite, is the mark you leave when you aggressively kiss or suck your partner’s skin during sexual foreplay. In some cases it is an accidental mark left in the heat of passion, but in many cases it is done deliberately to mark the person or the experience as one’s own. Learn […]
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How to Get Rid of Hickeys

Like most good things in life, hickeys seem like a good idea at the time, but they can get you in trouble, or at least be embarrassing, later. Arriving at your parents’ anniversary lunch with a hickey on your neck might be embarrassing, but arriving like that at an important business meeting where you are […]
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