Best Skin Tag Removal Products

While skin tags are not dangerous or at risk of turning cancerous, they are unsightly and most people are understandably keen to remove them. Unfortunately, they are stubborn flaps of skin to remove. Many products are being sold for this purpose, some more effective than others Buy . Here are some of the best skin tag removal products. Just remember, one solution won’t work for everyone, because our skins are so different and the size of skin tags differ wildly.

best skin tag removal products

Skin tags are stubborn, but there are several methods which can remove them.

Best Skin Tag Removal Products

  1. The TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device is a cleverly designed device with a cone that fits over the tag and a band that tightens around the stem, close to the skin, to choke off its blood supply. If you have a large tag on an area of your body that is covered by clothes, it can work. The device is aesthetically about as hideous as the skin tag itself, so unless you are planning a few months’ holiday during which you won’t leave home, it is an imperfect solution for tags on your face and neck, two of the most common areas where they appear. Further, don’t even try to use it on small skin tags. If you cannot pull the tag away from your skin to expose the stem whereby it is attached to you, it is too small for the device. In that case, try the same company’s Micro TagBand Skin Tag Remover, but be warned, the mechanics of applying it are tricky.
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  3. Scholla��s Freeze Away Wart Remover, or any other over-the-counter freezing kit. They are meant for warts, but they can also freeze off skin tags. Because they are nowhere near as cold as those applied by dermatologists, you will have to apply it daily and be patient. It will come off, but probably not inside the first month. If your skin tag is larger than the average wart, it might not work. If your skin tags are on the side of your neck, under your arms, or other areas where you cannot reach properly, ask someone else to apply it for you, as it can damage your surrounding skin if you spill it.
  4. Dermatend Skin Tag Removal Cream is a popular cream that contains sanguinaria canadensis (also called bloodroot) and zinc. Bloodroot is toxic. It destroys proteins. As such, it is capable of removing skin tissue to which it is applied. It does cause a scab and many doctors have found that it can Pills leave scars. It is possible that the Dermatend solution is not as strong as some of those that have caused the scarring, but since the company claims that it can remove the skin tag inside days, it probably is. This is not make it a poor choice, it just means you must make incredibly sure not to spill any of the on surrounding skin tissue. If it causes a scab on the tag, that is probably fine, as that is the part that eventually comes off.
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  6. Tea tree oil, also called melaleuca alternifolia, is a natural plant oil and can dry out skin tags. But be warned, it does dry out all skin to which it is applied, and some people suffer rashes after putting it on. While there are many imitations and watered-down versions sold all over the internet, the oil is expensive. If you pay less than $25 for 100 milliliters, it is not therapeutic grade and is diluted with water or other chemicals. From my experience, it works on small skin tags, but not on large ones, likely because it cannot penetrate the tag deeply enough.
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  8. Over the counter skin peels like, for example, a trichloroacetic acid (TCAA) solution 50 to 100 percent concentrated chemical skin peel. These are strong acids whose sole purpose is to burn off the layers of skin that constitute your skin tag. As a result, it is not a gentle process and you will have to use it with a post peel neutralizer, which many companies that sell the peel also manufacture. Trichloroacetic acid is chlorine mixed with acetic acid, so you cannot apply it to sensitive areas like your face and genitals, and you should immediately neutralize the acid with baking soda if you accidentally spill a bit on your surrounding skin. It will run if you don’t apply it very carefully with a cotton swab.
  9. Revitol Skin Tag Remover cream is highly recommended.

    Revitol Skin Tag Remover cream is highly recommended.

    Revitol Skin Tag Remover cream Order is one I can vouch for. We use nothing else in our household. The main ingredient is thuja occidentalis, a plant gel that many studies have found can Buy remove abnormal skin cells, such as those in skin cancer or skin tags. Revitol’s cream is particularly effective, because it uses a thuja occidentalis solution that has been strengthened sixfold by the oils with which it is mixed.

  10. H-Skin Tags Formula by Healing Natural Oils (or Amoils) is a popular treatment, and it probably works because, with thuja occidentalis and some natural oils, it contains roughly the same ingredients as the Revitol cream. But instead of strengthening the thuja occidentalis as Revitol does, this company uses a diluted homeopathic solution called thuja occidentalis 12C. That is why I picked the Revitol and have never looked back. It is sufficiently more concentrated.
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  12. DermaNutrients All Natural Skin Tag Removing & Treatment Stick is another treatment I never tried, as it contains similar ingredients to Revitol’s cream.
  13. Skin Tag DX is another herbal thuja occidentalis-based product. Customers who have tried it say that it takes a month or more before that tags fall off.


As you can see, your choice is between a difficult mechanical device, a freezing treatment, harsh acids, and thuja occidentalis products. The latter is the least corrosive and the least likely to leave scars, so it is my remedy of choice. Revitol’s cream contains a stronger thuja occidentalis solution than its competitors, which has made it the treatment of choice in our household.

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