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Cold sores are irritating, contagious, recurrent, and often painful. Consequently, few people who are afflicted with them have not hunted for the best cold sore treatment available. My blood tests for the herpes simplex virus always return negative these days, which shows that I have defeated the virus to the point where it is either dead or permanently inactive. My teenage children still get cold sores, but they are small and never last for more than a day.

  1. herpeset

    Herpeset is a homeopathic remedy that can relieve herpes symptoms but not kill the virus.

    Our chosen treatment is a spray called Herpeset Pills . All the ingredients have been scientifically proved to be either anti-viral or anti-inflammatory to suppress the herpes virus and treat cold sores when they do appear. Therefore, when put together into one product, it packs a powerful punch. Apis mellifica, Purchase rhus toxiconderon, capsicum, nitric acid, and baptisia, individually effective, and by far the best treatment when put together. If you apply it the moment you injure your lip or at the first sign of the burning sensation that precedes a cold sore, you can stop the virus from replicating and can, thereby, stopped the sore from forming. Even if you start applying it a bit late, it will still shorten the outbreak and minimize its severity.

  2. If you want more of a challenge and you think you have the self-discipline to achieve greater things, Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a program that develops your immune system so that it can render the virus permanently inactive. When it is inactive, you don’t have outbreaks and it is no longer contagious. You can test the results afterwards with a blood test. The program was developed by a British medical doctor.
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  4. Abreva is an over-the-counter cream. Its main ingredient is docosanol, also called behenyl alcohol. In two trials, it shortened the cold sore outbreak of the participants by an average of one day. This is not exactly impressive. Among the subjects who applied it extremely early, it stopped the progression to the blister stage in 34 percent of cases, which was only 11 percent better the 23 percent of placebo-treated subjects whose outbreak stopped before the blister stage. It might be good enough if nothing else is available.
  5. Acyclovir is an anti-viral cream that is available in both an over-the-counter and prescription version. Doctors often prescribe it for people who have many recurrent episodes. However, when researchers compared the effectiveness of apis mellifica, acyclovir, and a placebo in healing herpes sores, they found that the apis mellifica was more effective than the acyclovir, even though the latter is supposed to be a powerful prescription drug. Apis mellifica is one of the main ingredients in Herpeset.
  6. Ultimate Herpes Protocol The Ultimate Herpes Protocol helps you fight outbreaks.

    Cold sore patches, like those sold by Compeed and Polysporin, have become popular for healing cold sores. One study showed that Compeed patches worked as well as acyclovir cream. As mentioned above, this probably means that it is weaker than Herpeset. The patches do have one advantage, though. Because you stick them on the cold sores, they provide a barrier between the sores and objects that contact your mouth. This ensures that you are not contagious, and that you do not continually touch the sores with your hands. They last for between eight and 12 hours, after which they detach from your skin and need to be replaced.

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  8. Lemongrass essential oil is the most likely of all the essential oils to suppress the herpes virus. All the citrus oils work, and so do tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender. cheap acticin permethrin The only disadvantage is that essential oils are harsh on the skin, especially the sensitive skin of the lips. They may increase the burning sensation and the pain, and they can dry out your lips so severely that it takes weeks of moisturizing to get them back to normal. Mix them carefully with a gentle carrier oil like rosehip or coconut in a ratio of at least 90 percent carrier versus 10 percent essential oil. In the above cited study, the scientists used a concentration of only one percent essential oil, so it will work even if you use only a tiny amount.

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